Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nirmala Aunty 2012 DVD Rip-MKV

Added new mature picture 'Nirmala Aunty' directed by Raj Kumar produced by A.Venkat Rao and S.T.Sudhakar under the headline Lakshmi Venkateswara movies is regular to reach in lowest period of Resist. Actress Swathi Varma who acted in Bollywood flick troupe is now future as Nirmala Aunty, other actress Chaldea is also activity move role in the flick.

The lie of the flick is nearly Nirmala Aunty (Swathi Varma) attracts vernal guys with her prurient looks, subsequent she takes them to her lodging and make them and assert departed all his money equal that she traps sumptuous boys and despoilation their lives. The filmmaker wants to bare a content for the youngsters not to get treed by Auntys.The pic is not only a grown pic but also gives lot of substance for the youngsters, it is moldiness for the recognise day guys. The penalisation is scored by Srinath.

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